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Unbeatable and Just

Parcel services are born from day to day. It becomes difficult to differentiate a quality offer among so many providers. As professionals in the business, we focus on customer satisfaction rather than the cost of the service. That’s why our prices are fair and fixed.
The pricing of a parcel delivery service varies from one provider to another. Le prix d’un service de livraison de colis varie d’un fournisseur à l’autre. To do this, fill out your service request by listing the dimensions and weight of your package, the destination city, the customer’s city, and the recipient (individual or company).

Shipping rates
accessible in one click

No more long lines at the post office. Thanks to the professional platform EnvoyerUnColis, The shipping of your packages will now be done from your home or your place of work. Our platform gives you the possibility to see examples of rates for certain places or routes already predefined, as well as to receive a clear and precise estimate without wasting time.
Our standard rates take into account the size of your package, and also include pickup from your home and transportation to a specific or private address. We will talk about door-to-door delivery. The billing for this service changes depending on whether it is small, medium, large or very large.

Transport of goods
at an affordable price

The pricing policy implemented on EnvoyerVosColisis focused on customer satisfaction. That’s why we never overcharge, but rather give each of our customers the chance to receive an offer that fits their budget. No matter if you need an international shipment, our rates will always be proposed based on an analysis of the duration of the trip, the type of vehicle to be used (fuel and driver), the size of the package as well as the delivery time. Faites votre demande de devis transfert entre magasins, ship from store, livraison sur-mesure, livraison de colis fragile, livraison de colis volumineux, livraison de petits colis, transport frigorifique et livraison de nuit en click here.

Quick response
at a lower cost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Our transporters work day and night at the request of the customer. Just because your need occurs on a holiday or weekend does not mean you will be overcharged. Our unbeatable price policy remains the same even on days off. Feel free to check it out for yourself by submitting your package shipment request through this link.
It is also possible to receive a delivery as early as 8am the day after your phone call or email. Our deliverers have a good command of fast interventions, and know how to satisfy you at the right price. We have won the hearts of many Parisians by offering unbeatable prices even with fast delivery.

Delivery 20

Within a radius of up to 20km
  • Pickup in less than 30 minutes
  • Delivery within the hour

Livraison 10

Within a 10km radius
  • Pickup in less than 30 minutes
  • Delivery within the hour

Delivery on estimate

Personalized delivery on estimate
  • Pickup in less than 30 minutes
  • Delivery within the hour

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